is a brand of Darantasia and its affiliates.

  • We started just like you: In a shop full of machine tools.
  • is our channel dedicated to e-commerce.
  • Our company aims to provide superior quality tooling and special tooling solutions for professionals, job-shoppers and machining masters.
  • We select the finnest Vendors, each specialized in their fields, and we compose a relevant portfolio of products under a close cooperation with them.
  • Darantasia and its affiliates is developing special and advanced web ordering interfaces intended for the distribution of Industrial products and solutions.
  • We offer to deliver the orders in the vast majority of geographical Europe as well as some countries in Eurasia.
    • Our websites are offering different languages, some of the most common in our geographical footprint.
  • Our Technologies receives the contribution of web development experts from many countries, with the goal of providing a smooth and consistent procurement experience.
  • Our Vendors are defining the public price offered to the visitors.
    • But, for registered customers, our loyalty program is designed to provide relevant discounts based on the customer purchase profile.
    • We are capable to generate special discounts for special volume demand thanks to our Sales coordinators.
  • We have the capability to carry some of the inventory of the customers with specific planning tools and in coordination with the customers.
    • Any products from our Vendors can be available for ordering, even if the product is not shown on the website.
  • Our Logistic, Service and Warranty operations are designed to render the most secure and predictable experience for our customers.

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Wishing you great results in your creations!

Sincerely yours,

F. VILLON, Founder

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