Gühring Super-Indexer, "STARTER" plateform

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This version of the Super-Indexer is the most basic one. It can be completed by further extensions.

It's designed for Centering and Drilling Metric holes from M03 to M10.

The tools were carefully selected for performing operations on Steels (including Stainless), Cast Irons and non-ferrous metals like Aluminium.

The bundle contains the Tray with pivoting plate on 360°, Supports for Inserts, Aluminium Inserts, and Cutting Tools (see below description).

The Plateforms versions are delivered with a full User-Guide. The Serial Number on the Tray and User Guide allows the owner to receive special discounts on the Single Tools Replenishment of the Super-Indexer.

This Version of the Super-Indexer is designed for METRIC Holes of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm.

The "STARTER" version contains:

  • Main Tray, with:
    • Pivoting Plate on 360° 
    • 6 Support Lines for 13 Inserts
    • 29 Aluminium Inserts at tool size
    • Oil and Waterproof Positioning Labels
  • 29 cutting Tools:
    • 5 x Centering Drills - Serie 613 - 118° and 60°
      • HSS - TiN coating
      • To use preferably on Lathe's Tailstock.
      • The Tip of the drill can be used for pointing holes.
    • 6 x Centering Drills - Serie 556 - 120°
      • HSS - No Coating 
      • To be used for accurate hole postionning
    • 6 x Short Drills - Serie 5520 - 3xD
      • HSCO - TiN coating
    • 6 x Jobber Drills - Serie 5519 - 5xD
      • HSCO - TiN coating
    • 6 x Long Drills - Serie 5537 - 10xD
      • HSCO - TiN coating
      • Note: a guiding hole made with a Short or Jobber Drill is recommended.
  • User-Guide, Heavy-Duty Plastified and with metallic binding wires. It contains:
    • Overall Presentation
    • Tools used in the Super-Indexer
    • Overall Disposition of the Indexer
    • Attachment recommendations
    • Tools Dimensions (3 pages)
    • Tools Cutting parameters (13 Pages)

Please Select the desired User-Guide Localisation. This will apply to the User-Guide as well as on the labels printed on the Tray. In case you require a specific localisation which is not offered here, please contact us.

The Super-Indexer is bundle of cutting tools without compromise specially designed for machinists and workshops operating on little or middle-range production series, especially prototypers and job-shoppers. It was designed by modulating various families of tools from the brand Gühring ™, a worlwide recognized toolmaker for the high quality, precision and durability of its tools. The Tools on board the Super-Indexer are used on Milling machines, Lathes, Drillers, may they be, or not, Numerically Controlled. It's aiming especially the works on Steels (Common, Highly Alloyed, Stainless), on Casting Iron, Aluminium or other non-ferrous metals.

The Super-Indexer, in its full version, allows to operate the following operations:

• M02 to M12: Centering, Drilling, Threading, Milling Keyslots, Reaming, Countersinking, Counterboring.
• Drilling and reaming holes for tapered Keys.
• Milling slots for « Woodruff» keys.


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